To book an astrological reading with me, read about your options below, fill in and send the form, and finalize it with PayPal (PayPal account not needed).

The astrological interpretations are vailable in 3 options:

1  Consultation through Zoom/Skype. 

Birth chart and/or yearly prognosis (profections, Solar Return, progressions, some touch on transits) or specific topics in life – a typical astrological reading style, where I prepare and study data in advance.

  • [1.1] 30 minutes session $70
  • [1.2] 60 minutes session $125
  • [1.3] 90 minutes session $180
  • [1.4] 120 minutes in one session (including a 5-minute break) $225

! For the first time reading I interpret your birth chart (configurations at your birth). This will fill in the 30 and 60 minutes. But some simpler timing techniques might still be used, depending on how the reading goes. For 90 and 120 minutes calls there will be time to cover timing techniques properly (time lords, releasing the fortune and spirit lots, profections combined with solar returns, transits relating to the sign and ruler of the year). Proper astrology reading demands a sequence: from context (birth chart descirbing the life in its entirety) to detail (general and specific timing techniques).

For the follow-up readings, we can focus on just the prognostic update (usually a yearly update) or focus on specific topics. These following readings can cover 1 year in detail. For 90 and 120 minutes follow-up session doing 2 years in less detailed overview is an option.

2 Tuition
One-on-one astrology Tuition or astrology learn-along.

Here I don’t pre-analyse. You’re invited into “the kitchen” of interpretation and we adjust to what you want to focus on, what and whose charts, topic, and techniques. You decide the topics, I try to make you undestand them. Though I’m offering the structure to keep things systematic, as astrology works best when you understand how parts and techniques of it relate to one another and what goes where. I work mainly with Hellenistic (ancient Greco-Roman) astrology, but with further notice I can explore other techniques along with you and assist you in figuring their place in the context of other techniques.

  • [1.1] 30 minutes tuition $50
  • [1.2] 1-hour tuition $85
  • [1.3] 90 minutes tuition $120
  • [1.4] 2-hour tuition $150

3 Written interpretation

Astrological questions, birth chart and/or yearly prognosis (profections, Solar Return, progressions, some touch on transits) or specific (horary questions, synastry, elections, specific topics in life). Choose the topics, techniques or specific parts (placements) in specific charts and indicate roughly how many pages (or fraction of a page) you’d like me to write about (in whole, for specific parts or down to each sub-topic/sub-question). Prior to writing, I am offering suggestions to change how much space a topic X should have, or suggest a tweak (for example if I don’t think it’s that important to write so much about X and maybe let’s better focus more on Y, tell me which option sounds better for you – your original because you really want to dig in that X topic, or the changes I suggest if you agree with them).


Half page $10 (Minimal length – for a very short answer to 1, max 2 questions)
1 page $25
1.5 page $38
2 pages $50
2.5 pages $63
3 pages $75

3.5 pages $88
4 pages $100
4.5 pages $113
5 pages $125
… etc. …
10 pages $250, etc…

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and if you’re asked for the title/comment put the consultation number:
1 = reading option type 1 (=Consultation through Zoom/Skype)
2 = reading option type 2 (=Astrology Tuition)
3 = reading option type 3 (=Written interpretation)
and (after a space) your first name and birthday

For example: 1 Jessie 19840430

And put the correct amount of $ to the length (of consultation, or of tuition), or number of pages (for the written interpretation):

1  Consultation through Zoom/Skype. 

  • 30 minutes session $70
  • 60 minutes session $125
  • 90 minutes session $180
  • 120 minutes in one session (including a 5-minute break) $225

One-on-one Astrology Tuition

  • 30 minutes tuition $50
  • 1-hour tuition $85
  • 90 minutes tuition $120
  • 2-hour tuition $150

3 Written interpretation ($20/page)

half page $10
1 page $20
1.5 page $30
2 pages $40
2.5 pages $50
3 pages
3.5 pages $70
4 pages $80
4.5 pages $90
5 pages &100
… etc. …
10 pages $200, etc…

Next: fill in and this CONTACT FORM
to give me the details required for a proper astrological reading and (for session or tuition) to suggest the best time for the Zoom/Skype call.

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    time is rounded ("around ... hour")

    Source of birth time:

    birth certificatehospital recordfrom mother/parentsfamily diary/bookfrom other person's memoryother (please specify in below)

    choose a reading type*:

    1 Consultation through Zoom/Skype2 Private astrology Tuition (astrology learn-along)3 Written interpretation reportUndecided

    Then if you have chosen a 1 (Consultation) or 2 (Tuition) - choose the date and hour of a session from the hours below.

    The Zoom/Skype session or tuition can start between 12:00am-7:00pm (12:00-19:00 in 24 hours clock) Polish time (currently summer time GMT+2 or UTC+2). Weekends ass well! (they often work the best for big time differences). Type below the time slots you are available for the reading - dates and hours (minimum 72 hours after you do the PayPal transfer and within my working hours in my timezone), so I can book one for you.

    Look – this is current time here: .

    Look at your clock and you can see how many hours are you ahead or behind me. It’s usually the same time as Paris, almost the same as in London. Americas are behind, Asia & Australia are ahead, Europe and Africa are very close.

    Check this website to make sure:

    For example here is a detailed list for New York:
    here for London:

    If you’re still not sure: just type down your current city and country’s names and at what hours each day (including weekends) of the week your local time you will be available. And I will email you back and we’ll set on something.

    Preferred connection (for session or tuition): Zoom (preferred; better quality; you’ll receive a link on your email accountSkype(not applicable)
    If Skype: type your Skype ID (username) to be called at.

    Your current location where you would chat from:

    Terms and Conditions you’re required to accept:

    * Appointments are only confirmed on receipt of payment.
    * A rescheduling or a refund is unfortunately only possible with 48 hours or more prior notice, because I spent around 2 hours or more preparing for the reading. But please let me know as soon as possible.
    * Rescheduling between 48 to 24 hours notice prior, will require additional $30 for re-booking.
    * Less than 24 hours rescheduling notice, will require additional $50 for re-booking.
    * If I am unable to keep your scheduled appointment, I will seek to re-book you as soon as possible, or if you prefer, provide a full refund.v
    * All provided information and insight are astrological interpretations, and are provided as a guide only, and should not replace advice from trained medical, financial or other experts.
    * I have some background in psychotherapy (internal family systems therapy and mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, schema therapy, working with emotional personality disorders, childhood abuse, and sexual identity), which I try to respect dealing with anyone, however again, these should not replace the advice of trained experts.

    Type your name to accept the conditions*:

    Message. If you wish something specific to be covered in the reading, or have any comments, please type them here

    PHOTO. It would help if I can see you while preparing for the reading. This way I can have a better connection
    Consider adding inside the message a web link to your photo that is already uploaded on some website.

    You can also attach a photo file here:

    I look forward to working with you!

    The system I work with

    I work with ancient (Greek, Greco-Roman or Hellenistic) astrology, i.e. the original system (before the Arabs and Eastern Europeans from medieval times onward have systematically changed the system). It might differ from other astrologers. I don’t use the so called „modern astrology” system. No asteroids, no „karmic astrology”, no past lives stories, no focus on invisible modern planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). I use „some” elements of modern astrology that can be reconcilled with the system of the original Hellenistic concepts. I look at Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, but not as sign rulers. They are much less important than the classical 7 stars (or „planets”) seen with the naked eye and deeply and elegantly rooted into the system of 12 signs, 12 places (houses), aspects, lots and timelords.
    I use: mainly classical 7 planets, whole-sign places (topical „houses” – which begin at 0° of a sign, the peak or cusp was not at the begining like later astrology uses, but somewhere in the middle), classical („Ptolemaic”) aspects, Fortune (Tyche), Spirit (Daimon) and Hellenistic timing techniques (mainly timelords, planetary years and cycles, ascensional times of signs, profections together with solar returns, aphesis or zodiacal releasing of Fortune and Spirit, and tranists just at the end for some fine-tuning). There is a special sequence in which order these are analysed and put into a coherent context. Solar phase and retrogradation are other things I strongly focus on, when applicable. Especially when there are more retrograde planets at play at the same time.