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What does this LOGO mean?

2014-02-10 (Monday) 19:17:59|Design, astrology|

A short delineation for those who are not familiar with the astrological symbolism. The stylised letter "g" in my logo consists of two astrological symbols (or more often called glyphs): of the Sun (the circle [...]

Saturn retrograde 2015

2015-03-21 (Saturday) 14:26:13|astrology, ℞ Retrograde Planets|

Have you felt Saturn turning retrograde (in Sagittarius towards back of the Scorpio) lately (March 14th)? Especially those who have natal Saturn in (especially) Scorpio and (to less extent) in Sagittarius, or have a strong Saturn [...]

Combust and incombust hours

2013-11-07 (Thursday) 15:00:57|astrology|

Another infographic here, useful for electional astrology of starting a war according to Guido Bonatti. But also useful for filing a suit, sending and important letters or starting anything important. Even if one knows nothing about [...]