This is how I present the birth charts for my clients. Based on the nautical metaphor of the life (birth chart) as a vessel on the sea of its destiny.

The horizon at birth is shown by the sea level. What is above the horizon is above the water and visible on the sky. What’s below the horizon – is below it.

The degree of horoskopos (ascendant) is shown as οἴαξ (oiax, the helm) as it is at the back of the ship and the head of the ship is going towards the horizon of the destiny/destination.

The ship of life is swimming from the direction of the Sunrise (birth) to the destination of the setting horizon (Descendant in ancient astrology describes the old age, other people and far places, as well as – in the earliest sources like Hermes Trismegistos – death).

10th place (midheaven) is our praxis (action/karma, career, something we are know for and our professional life direction), like a mast on a ship, that is the first thing seen from afar.

4th place (ὑπόγειον, hypogeion, below the earth) is your home and your ties with your ancestors, and your death (hence the anchor – all those things are unmovable).

The 4 triads (around the 4 angles of the chart) have their separate quarters of a ship in the same color as the color-coding of the angular sign they are concentrated around (the angular triad around a 10th place in water sign is blue for all three places).

Also the lines of the main mast are connecting the places that are in aspect (only in top half, and it is more of a detail I know about but no one has to see).

The symbols for the planets are a consensus between the original Greek symbols from the manuscripts and the standard Medieval/modern conventions.

The orange symbols are the Lot of Daimon (Spirit) and the Lot of Tyche (Fortune). The dark circle is the syzygy (previous new moon).

The outside circle shows the divisional 12th parts (dodekatemoria, or technically, for Greeks, the dodekatemoria of the dodekatemoria, as dodekatemoria means just the 12 parts, i.e. signs, of the zodiac).

I’m thinking about making an article and/or video about that. Anyone is interested?