♀Podcast episode: Venus Retrograde in your birth chart.
My 2nd time on Mary English ‘s podcast:

♀ How the interior planets ☿♀ go retrograde. A quick reminder how a retrograde planet works.
♀ Venus retrograde in the natal chart – what is it like?
♀ Venus direct and Venus retrograde differ much. So do Venus combust when it’s direct versus when it’s both combust and retrograde.
♀ Example chart interpretation for Mary’s female listener “Sh” (Venus retrograde and combust in the 1st whole-sign house, opposing a retrograde Jupiter in the 7th)
female chart (equal houses style)

Example chart of a female listener  who Mary calls “Sh”. Here in Equal House system used by Mary. To use the Whole-Sign houses, like me, just note the Rising degree (the Ascendant) is at 29°Aries (not in Taurus), so Aries is the rising sign, not Taurus.