Have you felt Saturn turning retrograde (in Sagittarius towards back of the Scorpio) lately (March 14th)? Especially those who have natal Saturn in (especially) Scorpio and (to less extent) in Sagittarius, or have a strong Saturn retrograde – that is strongly connected with other points (especially tight opposition to the Sun or the Moon, conjunction with Ascendant or its ruler, being the strongest ruler in the chart, etc.)

You will feel it, because this Saturn is highlighted in yesterday’s chart of post-solar-eclipse New Solar’s year (spring of the yearly revolution of the cosmos) – it will be operative for at least the end of June. However by the 15th of June it will reach back to Scorpio and will stay there till September 18th. In the August 2nd changing direction to direct.

14th 03.2015   Saturn turns RETROGRADE in 4°/5° Sagittarius

15th 06.2015    Retrograde Saturn ingresses back to Scorpio

 2nd 08.2015    Saturn in 28°/29° Scorpio turn direct

18th 09.2015   Saturn ingresses to Sagittarius for good – no more coming back to Scorpio in his current revolution around the zodiac.

By the September 18th Saturn will be finally over with the Scorpio. Folks with natal Saturn there will finally have they real Saturn Return experience over (for those with Saturn in Sagittarius, well their different story is still ongoing, not having shown most of it’s gifts and goodies yet).

Those with strong Saturn in Scorpio (and to less extent in Sagittarius) or strong Saturn retrograde (Scorpio or not) are pretty much expected to respond “Yes, I feel it, hard to not notice” to the retrograde switch of Saturn.

Arm yourself for at least three months (actually more, but in June Saturn will change in character) of that weird tension/weirdness which you most likely would call “Neptunian” (though it has nothing to do with Neptune, but that’s a smart keyword for this).

You will go back to stuff that annoys you – finally say something to someone which you thought you already got over and accepted to ignore and not care, etc., so you will finally attack someone verbally about something that bothered you inside for a long time.

Also yesterday – on 20th March, the day of Solar Eclipse and Vernal Equinox – you might have felt a bit different – more on the side of epiphany, which actually is not feeling how you expect the one to make you feel, so you forgot or will forget about this epiphany on the conscious level (it is good because it gives no food for the tricky ego, it’s done something to deep emotions which we probably cannot grasp, though the folks with many retrogrades, Saturn including,  are more likely to be aware of what is happening). Having the coming back of the topic of “I am destructing myself and I don’t know if I can do anything about it” is pretty much to expected lately since Saturn went retrograde. Today it probably feels more empty, like your personal space of mind and spirit has been hoovered by some force and it feels different – your regular boring chores feel like are scripted a bit differently by the divine screenwriters – not that it is better or worse, more like: I am doing it that way or spend my mornings/evening that way for so much time, but suddenly it seems weird, like I forgot I am used to doing it automatically.

Those with Saturn in Scorpio (especially if retrograde!) will have strong sexual cravings. Going back to some fantasies, reintroducing the old BDSM-like mojo, which lately they lost interest in.
How many of you had an interesting sex experience (not meaning “shocking” or “slutty” here) on the day of the eclipse/spring equinox?

Though at the same time this time is introvert, so don’t expect sexual parties or parties in general, sorry. It’s about quiet and personal space.


One of the real case examples: A men with many retrogrades and strong Saturn retrograde in Scorpio after Saturn went retrograde – obtained a flask of Chanel perfumes he loved in his youth. The day of eclipse and vernal equinox – apart from dealing with daily chores (and obviously sex), he spent giving himself a pleasure of sniffing the fragrance out of the flask of his Chanel, like it is the best pleasure he can give himself. Unusual but not outgoing, personal, nostalgic and slightly sexual – all checked.