Another infographic here, useful for electional astrology of starting a war according to Guido Bonatti. But also useful for filing a suit, sending and important letters or starting anything important.

Even if one knows nothing about astrology, one can simply check the dates and hours of the Moon phases on the internet and add 12 hours after each of these eight Moon phases. Additionally subtract 24 hours before the New and Full Moon. This will give you 8 time slots each month in which it would be better not to start that important thing.

Six of these time slots that are lasting for just 12 hours starting from the exact moment of the respective moments of the Moon phases. The remaining two slots around the two most important Moon phases (the New and Full Moon) that are of much longer duration – that is of a day and a half (24 hours before and 12 hours after the exact Moon phase). Naturally the latter are more crucial to avoid as they last longer.

If you’re about to start something that might surprisingly end up as an unpleasant war with someone or with the bad circumstances and an instant action isn’t required, preferably wait a few hours.

Don’t forget, that the relation of Sun and Moon is one of the most crucial in electional astrology. So different techniques for special charts like war election or medical charts use some specific analysis of the Moon cycle.