The March, 2014 Issue of The Astrological Journal with my winning essay is already out.

AJ14-03_39_middleToday I got the post and I can finally see it. Current editor of The Astrological Journal, Carole Taylor, did an excellent job. Not only with incorporating my graphics into the layout, but also with placing me among J. Lee Lehman and Nick Campion who I regard very much, but also other authors’ texts on ancient astrology, which is my favorite topic in astrology. Wonderful companionship, indeed. Thank you, The Astrological Association of Britain!

And again many thanks particularly to the people with many retrogrades I was able to find and have talks with. I hope my attempts to picture the differences from the rest all of you share, might help us all to open up to different experiences and worldviews.

Let me share with you, dear readers, how the 5 pages of the layout do present themselves.

Please wait a bit more for more material on retrograde planets and especially on people with most of the planets retrograde in their charts. I will write more!

I’ll be preparing for the lecture on retrogrades (March, 10th) for the Polish Astrological Society (PTA). So in the meantime I might be able add some materials.