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illustrated Astrology

illustrated astrological narrations #1   The planet called Saturn had ended it's retrograde motion 2 days ago (on July/20 2014). In the sign of Scorpio, within the confines ruled by Merkury it's retrograde time was devoted to internal considerations. As the "Saturn" finally had came back to its "normal" direct motion, he desires to speak [...]

Saturn retrograde 2015

Have you felt Saturn turning retrograde (in Sagittarius towards back of the Scorpio) lately (March 14th)? Especially those who have natal Saturn in (especially) Scorpio and (to less extent) in Sagittarius, or have a strong Saturn retrograde - that is strongly connected with other points (especially tight opposition to the Sun or the Moon, conjunction with Ascendant [...]

Bounds in Aries, Venus & Mars in Aries, Moon with the Node – Terrible case of marriage election – Hellenistic astrology

Some people probably saw today's sky placements [2015, Feb 21] as suitable for a conception/electional chart for starting something new. Venus joint Mars in his sign quite recently - they are both in the same degree of Aries now (in the chart I am using the Ancient Greek system of moira - degrees counted from 1 to 30, [...]

Combust and incombust hours

Another infographic here, useful for electional astrology of starting a war according to Guido Bonatti. But also useful for filing a suit, sending and important letters or starting anything important. Even if one knows nothing about astrology, one can simply check the dates and hours of the Moon phases on the internet and add 12 hours after [...]

After my first astrological lecture

My first astrological lecture is already over. Monday, May 10th, 2014 in Warsaw for the PTA - Polish Astrological Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Astrologiczne). A hard thing to manage: so many sub-topics to cover into two-hour live presentation. From astrophysics and astral geometry, through overview of astrological interpretation concepts and pondering on the nature of astrology [...]

Jupiter Direct 2014

Yesterday we finally had a changing of the retrograde guard finalised. The interior planets - Venus and Mercury as well as Jupiter - are no longer retrograde as they were in the beginning of the year. Mercury and both benefics are now Direct, because yesterday Jupiter turned direction. We already have Mars Retrograde from March, [...]

Hermes (Mercury) as the Transporter of Dead Souls and Moira in the Hellenistic Astrology

The picture is a pencil drawing from 1897, depicting god Hermes taking the souls of the heroes into the depths of Hades, by the Polish modernist artist, Staniław Wyspiański [pronounced stah-NIECE-wuf viss-PYAN-skee], an illustration from the Homer's "Iliad". Colorized by myself. The planet Mercury when I wrote the first version of this text was between [...]